We provide a range of services of advice and support to creditors who experience a debtor becoming subject to an insolvency process. We also advise creditors who are struggling to recover their debts.

We provide the following services:

  • Advice and representation for creditors at virtual meetings or any other decision procedure convened by an insolvency practitioner appointed to oversee a debtor’s affairs.
  • Consideration of debtor insolvency proceedings and insolvency practitioner reports and reporting of a potential outcome for creditors and advice concerning any recommended areas for investigation/recovery.
  • Negotiating payment plans with debtors.
  • Reviewing (and advising on) Retention of Title (ROT) clauses for enforceability in the event of an insolvency procedure.
  • Issuing Statutory Demands.
  • Applying for a County Court Judgment (CCJ).
  • Enforcing a County Court Judgment (CCJ), which may include bailiff action, a third-party debt order or a charging order over property.
  • Petitioning to the Court for a debtor to be placed into a formal insolvency procedure such as Compulsory Liquidation or Bankruptcy.
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