We can assist you in navigating a number of options for a struggling sole trader or partnership business:

  • Individual (or Partnership) Voluntary Arrangement (IVA/PVA) An IVA is also a way forward for sole traders and business partnerships, where short term cash flow problems have been encountered but the business remains viable and profitable. IVA’s or PVA’s are voted on by your unsecured creditors. You need 75% of those that vote (by value they are owed money) to agree to the proposals.
  •  Bankruptcy we can help you complete an online bankruptcy petition and advise on a number of options for former business owners during their period of bankruptcy.
  • Informal Arrangement with Creditors: we can help you make arrangements with your creditors to repay debt over a period of time or to defer the payment of a debt whilst an asset is liquidated or the business is restructured.
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